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Imagine a place where muscle tightness transforms into flexibility and knots unravel and make room for ultimate performance. Whether you are an athlete recovering from a sports injury, a health conscious entrepreneur, or a parent who needs to unwind, I invite you to come in for a massage!

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Massage Therapy
Massage Candles and Towel
Woman Getting Stone Massage

After a grueling season of strain and work, your body is begging you for relief and relaxation.

A massage is a perfect gift to yourself, a treat of wellness and health for your body and mind. After booking a massage, you finally have time to let go of stress, to release strain and regain some emotional footing.

Enjoy the natural benefits of consistent massage:

  • Increase circulation with your bloodstream and lymphatic system.
  • Relax your muscles and release toxins.
  • Release endorphins in your body (the feel-good hormone).
  • Relax the connective tissue in the muscle, so the muscle can function properly.
  • Reduce scar tissue damage.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Support reduction of cellulite.
  • Help exfoliate and hydrate the skin.
  • Feel better overall.

Looking for crystals and gemstones to help balance and heal yourself and those around you? Click on the title and see the copper wire gemstone trees I make along with a large option for your new crystals.


Man enjoying a massage

Step 1:

It’s easy to schedule a massage. Simply click, call, or text to book your appointment. On your first appointment you will fill out an intake form.

Come In!

Massage Therapy

Step 2:

At your appointment we talk about what you are wanting from your massage and where you are feeling discomfort. Your appointment is totally tailored to your needs.


Step 3 Enjoy Your Massage

Step 3:

You get to enjoy your appointment! The massage includes warm towels, stretching and bottle of water. The best part is getting to book your next appointment.



After an injury, you may discover a need to come in for a massage to diminish scar tissue, and to support healing from your aches and pain. But we know you want to come in for a massage for your state of mind and to simply rejuvenate. It’s your grown up treat. As a massage therapist I can help you with specific needs to relieve your sore muscles. Most people know what their body needs, and my clients know I can help them. Click or call to schedule your massage today!

Massage Therapy

"The Best Hour of my Life! The back facial was incredibly rejuvenating and I was completely relaxed. I would highly recommend Healing Essence for anyone in search of quality self care!"

- Emily W. Five Star Review

Skin Care

Exercising at home is great. Hiring a trainer is better. A fitness coach can enhance your performance, push you further and accelerate your results. Booking a facial with a master esthetician like me, does for your skin what a trainer does for your fitness. I can accelerate healing, lighten pigmentation, repair skin damage, reduce scaring and minimize aging more quickly than a home skin care solution can provide. If you want better result, faster, using less product that you do with the over the counter, book today! Your skin will thank you!

Skin Care Facials

"Amazing! Mary is amazing! She always makes sure you are comfortable and you understand what she is doing. Plus her products smell like heaven!"

- Krystal Smith, Five Star Review

Emotional Release

Emotional Release is a simple way to detox your energy and emotions. The first half of our lives we forget who we are. Negative programming, traumatic experiences and false beliefs burden our minds and souls. Emotional release replaces toxic energy and thoughts with more positive and true characteristics. Get rid of the blocks so you can become who you truly are. Have questions? Want to know more? Click here to schedule your first appointment.

Release Negative Emotions

"I'm so glad I found Mary of Healing Essence! I recently had an Emotional Release session with her and she truly has a gift to get to the heart of the issue. Highly recommend her!"

-Adrian B. Salt Lake City, Five Star Review

Mary Humphries

Playing a lot of sports growing up, I experienced soreness, tightness and even injuries. I didn’t get my first massage until I was in my 20s. I loved it! I discovered the benefits of taking care of my muscles after a workout, or post-trauma, and truly felt the joy in being able to relax. I always give the massage that I would want to have. My whole goal of doing massage as a therapist is to alleviate problems and help you enjoy the experience. My passion is creating emotional, and physical wellness through massage, skincare, energy, and crystals.

  • Master Esthetician, 2011
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, 2017
  • Reiki Master Holy Usui Fire, 2019
  • Massage and Esthetician Teacher, The Skin Institute
Mary Humphries, Massage Therapist

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